Post Production

DavvaniousPOI E: Tearepa Kahi's film about Dalvanious Prime and the hit song Poi E is being post supervised by Conbrio Media. Currently in editing with more filming in January. Completion 2016.

itiFrom Raids to reconciliation: Kim Webby's film about the historic and recent struggles of Tuhoe for understanding and recognition and the eventual capitulation by the crown, is being supervised and mentored by Conbrio Media. Ready for completion, just got to get that funding!

tonyAn accidental berliner: Tony Forster's film about his electric experiences the night the Berlin Wall was opened. He was the first westerner to cross at Checkpoint Charlie. The film traces his search for the meaning in the emotional forces that were at play for the German people and for himself. Crowd funded for completion costs, the film is ready for final cut and finishing before release. Conbrio Media is mentoring the film, editing and supervising post production. Completion TBA.

This Maori language film set around the Hokianga is the result of a long time colaboration between Dr Patu Hohepa, Rawirii Paratene and Christina Milligan. Scripting is being taken to final draft in the near future. Acknowlegement is given to Te Paepae Ataata for financial assistance in development. Script development and production TBA.