Roger Grant  has worked as editor and post-producer of live and animated television drama, features, short films and documentaries for more than 30 years, working in radio, television, and animation, and in post production facilities in London, Sydney and Auckland.

For TVNZ and South Pacific Pictures he edited the series of Gloss, Marlin Bay, The Boy From Andromeda, Raiders of the South Seas, Gold, Deep Water Haven, and many more.

In 2005 he brought the first AVID into New Zealand and established an editing facility in Auckland encouraging the transition toward digital editing in filmmaking. Key productions Roger supervised during this time include Harry Sinclair's feature Topless Women Talk About Their Lives. He also edited many television drama series including the Ngā Puna and Tala Pasifika series of Māori and Polynesian stories for Don Selwyn.

Working as a producer for Digital Post Ltd he oversaw VFX post on features and international TV series, including the Spartacus series, Mt Zion, Beyond the Edge, Giselle, Love Birds, The Most Fun You Can Have Dying, Brother Number One, The Topp Twins: Untouchable Girls.

More recently, he edited  Let My Whakapapa Speak, An Accidental Berliner, and John Psathas's  No Man's Land, and supervised post on Nights In the Gardens of Spain, Poi E, Wanted (2), In Dark Places, The Deadlands (series), Eleanor Catton's   The Luminaries, One Lane Bridge (2), and Muru (in post production) .

Roger Grant
+64 27 470 6894