Adam Strange and Anzak Tindall with the Crystal Bear for the Best Short Film in
Generation 14 Plus in Berlin. Joyride Films.

aphroditie's farm
WINNER OF 'CRYSTAL BEAR'- Best Short Film- Generation 14plus-
59th Internationale Filmfestspiele Berlin- Generation, Germany,

Everyone in Taranaki wants to know the secret behind the magical milk produced on Aphrodite’s Farm. The family secret has remained safe for four generations. However when patriarch Ralph Riley dies, the future of the farm is thrown into jeopardy. The timely arrival of young farm hand Friday will bring the family’s destiny full circle… but things will get a whole lot worse before they get any better.

Director Adam Strange, Writer Peter Force, DOP James Cowley, Editor Paul Maxwell
and Producer Anzak Tindall for Joyride Films.

2010 Flickerfest, Australia
2009 59th Internationale Filmfestspiele Berlin- Generation, Germany
2009 L.A. Shorts Fest, USA
2008 New Zealand International Film Festivals 


paddy and Jack
Through saving a baby, a man saves himself.
This moving animation set in the trenches in WW1 is touching many hearts.

James Cunningham director, David Coyle writer, Paul Swadel producer for Supercollider Films. Poppy

2010 17th Stuttgart International Festival of Animated Film, Germany
2010 Cannes Cinephiles- Cinema des Antipodes
2010 Huesca International Film Festival, Spain 
2010 Jury Award, 37th Siggraph Computer Animation Festival, USA
2010 Arcipelago International Festival of Short Films, Italy
2010 Cannes- Short Film Corner, France
2010 Oi! Dunedin Mataraki Screenings, NZ
2010 Hollyshorts, USA
2010 Best of Show, Siggraph Asia, Korea
2010 Rawstock, Seattle
2010 Heartland Film Fsestival, Indianapolis
2010 South by South West, USA
2010 Stuttgart Festival of Animated Film, Germany
2010 CFC- Worldwide Short Film Festival, Canada
2010 Palm Springs International Film Festival, USA
2010 Melbourne International Film Festival, Australia
2010 Rhode Island IFF, USA
2010 NZFF in Hong Kong, China
2010 International Short Film Festival in Drama, Greece
2010 Show Me Shorts, New Zealand
2010 Saint-Tropez Antipodes Film Festival, France
2010 Cinema des Antipodes Carte Blanche at Sequence, France
2010 Cinanima, Portugal
2010 MIFF Moonlight Screening, Australia
2010 Istanbul Short Film Festival, Istanbul
2010 Foyle Film Festival, Ireland
2009 35th Telluride Film Festival, USA
2009 Melbourne International Film Festival
2009 Qantas Award for Outstanding Technical Achievement

Meet Evie and Jonathan: happily married, deeply in love, and about to experience the everyday miracle that is the birth of a child. While Evie breathes through the labour pains, with Jonathan anxious at her side, across the city six-year-old Kylie is carefully laying out her dolls. One day this angelic child will steal Evie’s husband and ruin her life. This is her.

Director Katie Wolfe, Writer Kate McDermott, DOP Ginny Loane, Editor Lisa Hough.
Producers Felicity Letcher and Rachel Lorimer for Passenger Films.

2009 Sundance Film Festival, USA
2009 Future Filmmaker Award – Palm Springs Shortfest, USA
2009 Best Comedy Short- Aspen Shortsfest, USA
2009 Audience Award for Best Short Film- Hamptons International Film Festival, USA
2008 Best Audience Film Award - Prague International Short Film Festival, Czech Republic
2009 Venus de Badalona- Filmets de Badalona, Spain 
2009 Flickerfest, Australia
2008 62nd Edinburgh International Film Festival, U.K. 
2008 35th Telluride Film Festival, USA 
2008 Melbourne International Film Festival, Australia
2008 46th New York Film Festival, USA

2 girlsPhoto: Rebekah Robinson
Broke and on the prowl to score icecreams, two nine year old girls encounter
the beach creep.

Director Dan Salmon, written by Miriam Smith and John Dryden. The film is shot
by Nic Finlayson and edited by Bryan Shaw.
Philippa Campbell produced for Escapade Pictures.

2010 New Zealand International Film Festival, NZ
2010 Montreal World Film Festival, Canada

roof rattling
A young boy's snooping leads to an unforgetable encounter.

Director/writer James Blick. The film stars Wellington actor Grant Tilly and is produced
by Robin Murphy. John Blick is DOP and Associate Producer.

2010 Aspen Shortsfest, USA
2010 New Zealand International Film Festival, NZ
2010 Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia, Japan
2010 Palm Springs Shortsfest, USA

A man wakes to discover his life is overgrown and the outside world is getting in- to restore order he must return to his family home to confront the memories.

Witer/Director Grant Major, DOP John Cavill, Editor Tim Woodhouse.
Producer Dan Salmon for Octopus Films.

2009 New Zealand International Film Festival, New Zealand
2009 Melbourne International Film Festival, Australia


the film makers

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